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Fractionate Recruiting

Lykander, Sep 12, 12 9:49 AM.
​Fractionate is actively recruiting to get a core team of raiders ready to tackle the MoP raids. We will be doing 10 man raids and we hope to get raiding as soon as we can once the expansion hits.

While we are definitely more about having a fun time experiencing the raid content in WoW than trying to set records we do expect that people will show up for raids on time and still take the raids seriously. Having said that, nobody is going to be missing out on raid spots because they haven't got min/maxed enchants, have gathering professions or any of the other bullshit that normally goes hand in hand with raiding. In short, we all have full time jobs and aren't looking for another one !!!!

At this stage we will be raiding 2 nights a week, Sunday 6pm to 9pm and Monday 9pm to 12am server time. Once MoP hits we will start doing guild dungeon runs at the usual raid times so that we can all get to know each other and learn to play together nicely .

If you are interested please send in an application (there is no form) and one of the officers will organise to have a chat with you in game just to get to know you a bit better and ensure that you will fit in with the rest of the guild.

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